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empowers organizations and individuals to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape with expert-driven performance and resilience programs.

By unlocking potential equips you to not only face challenges but to emerge stronger – ensuring strength and confidence at every career stage.



for Individuals

Excel in all life’s arenas with PROSPER. – where being your best self is just the beginning.

The foundation of the ability to prosper relies on a deep understanding of yourself and exploring your responses to various people, circumstances and events.
The more you know about yourself, the better you can learn to manage the variety of reactions you will have.


Reflect and learn about yourself and how to get your best performance.
Speed up the learning curve with teammates.
Increase psychological safety and trust across the team.


for Teams

Transform your team’s dynamic with the elite training wisdom of the world’s top performers across various high-pressure fields.

Access to our unique partnerships:

  • Data partner- Oura/Whoop, 8 sleep, Supersapiens
  • Nutrition partner- Momentous, LMNT
  • Assessment partners (biomarkers)- InsideTracker, Mark Hyman,
  • Viome
  • Recovery partner- Hyperice
  • Mindset partner- ADIOS

Content curated based on audience.

  • Early professionals- female facilitated conversations around life planning, personal/family leave, return to work, leadership goals, work/life synergy.

  • Leaders/Staff- female facilitated conversations around life stages and transitions, long term goals (longevity/healthspan) career, advancement and long term goals (based on performance mindset principles).


4 - 90 min webinars introducing targeted content from The PROSPER. Resilience MATRIX:
1-day- immersive experience
Weekly content push (articles, podcasts, activities)
PWR by PROSPER. Workbook with resources
Option for 1:1 health/performance coaching after programming


for Organizations

Shape the future of your company with PROSPER’s strategic insights – where creating a resilient, thriving environment is our commitment.

We curate targeted programming to design higher performance from the inside-out. We believe Mother Nature rocks, often, our immersive programs capitalize on the great outdoors.
We go deep to unlock barriers, provide evidence-supported strategies and tactics to move the need ‘to the RIGHT’!


Partner with us for a proactive, distinctive approach that goes beyond planning to actualizing longevity.

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