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empowers organizations and individuals to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape with expert-driven performance and resilience programs.

By unlocking potential equips you to not only face challenges but to emerge stronger – ensuring strength and confidence at every career stage.



for Teams

Transform your team’s dynamic with the elite training wisdom of the world’s top performers across various high-pressure fields.

Access to our unique partnerships:

  • Data partner- Oura/Whoop, 8 sleep, Supersapiens
  • Nutrition partner- Momentous, LMNT
  • Assessment partners (biomarkers)- InsideTracker, Mark Hyman,
  • Viome
  • Recovery partner- Hyperice
  • Mindset partner- ADIOS

Content curated based on audience.

  • Early professionals- female facilitated conversations around life planning, personal/family leave, return to work, leadership goals, work/life synergy.

  • Leaders/Staff- female facilitated conversations around life stages and transitions, long term goals (longevity/healthspan) career, advancement and long term goals (based on performance mindset principles).


4 - 90 min webinars introducing targeted content from The PROSPER. Resilience MATRIX:
1-day- immersive experience
Weekly content push (articles, podcasts, activities)
PWR by PROSPER. Workbook with resources
Option for 1:1 health/performance coaching after programming


for Organizations

Shape the future of your company with PROSPER’s strategic insights – where creating a resilient, thriving environment is our commitment.

We curate targeted programming to design higher performance from the inside-out. We believe Mother Nature rocks, often, our immersive programs capitalize on the great outdoors.
We go deep to unlock barriers, provide evidence-supported strategies and tactics to move the need ‘to the RIGHT’!


Partner with us for a proactive, distinctive approach that goes beyond planning to actualizing longevity.

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